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Windshield Replacement

If windshield repair is not an option, windshield replacement is the only other choice. The importance of a properly installed windshield can't be overstated. There are many statistics that show how an improper windshield replacement can lead to accidents and injuries.

Your windshield has an important purpose - it's not just to protect you from little rocks, bugs and dust. The windshield protects you from flying out of the car in the event of an accident and helps to prevent the roof from crushing in if the car happens to roll over. A properly installed windshield can also help the air bag deploy properly.

Knowing the importance of windshield replacement, and the precision it takes to have your windshield installed is essential in order to find the right auto glass service center. makes this an easy process by allowing you to search for windshield replacement of your own specific vehicle make and model in your area. By allowing you to compare auto glass dealers in your own area, you get to decide where the best value is.

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